Toliet.Sadism.Insanity Instititution

T.S.I. Institution
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Toliet.Sadism.Insanity. Institutional for educational needs of public facilities.

Here we provide the best for our students in learning the process of toliet humor to the sadistic abilities to laugh their pants off. We also provide the party edicates like Clamp Campus except we excell in one thing and that is Insanity. ^^

T.S.I. Institutional is your friendly service for laughter when your down and blue, it also provides all the necessary Ansty when you want to be that color.

So please pull up your chair, and enjoy the experence of T.S.I.

1) Please no spamming, flaming, or ill conduct toward others. We all should behave responsible and have fun while we are at it.
2) No discriminating against others if they like Yaoi or they don't like Yaoi.
[Note: Yaoi is basically male/male base relationship.]
3) This community if for sharing fan fiction, artworks, and other creative items like icons or so on so forth. It is a place for discussion on interest and for the enjoyment of those that would like to see the T.S.I. Circle at work.

1) Fiction/Doujinshi/Artwork by the TSI Institution Circle will be stored in memories.
2) All those that want to post their work can do so, however a note it will not be stored in the memories. However, sharing your work would be welcomed with open arms.
3) Sexual Scene's/lemons will all be locked under PWP. [If you want to watch this Community be our guest. If you want to see the lemon scenes then please inform us and we'll add you into the correct security settings. This would make sure that those that are easily offended by graphic scenes would not be expose to it easily.]