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Tue, Dec. 9th, 2003, 01:24 am
fujis: Lua vermelha CH-1 Outline

Brief Outline for CH-1 [Part 1-4]

Part 1
Roy talks to Hughes finds him annoying then hangs up on him. Hawkeyes gives him a call then deliveries a package. This results in Roy throwing out the mail carrier and Hawkeye, while he is wary of the item in front of him.

Part 2
Ryoma and Nanjirou played tennis like usual against each other. It was nearing midnight about 30 minutes before when a old monk named Kimura-san came to delivery a package to Nanjirou for safe keeping until Shi-san comes back to the temple. When it struck midnight Ryoma was transported from his home to somewhere else.

Part 3
Roy wakes up in the Echizen household. Ends up meeting Nanjirou and Karupin and discovers that he isn't where he thinks he is anymore. Take that literally of course. Questions are answered and adjustments have to be made for both worlds.

Part 4A 4B 4C
Ryoma waking up and seeing Hawkeye hanging over his head. Ends up meeting Lt. Hawkeye, Ed, Al, and some other characters. He discovers that he isn't where hs thinks he is anymore. There are questions answered and it is later on that he gets shoved onto other people while they try to figure out how to send him back home.