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Wed, Nov. 12th, 2003, 04:12 pm
fujis: Lua vermelha CH-2 Outline

Brief Outline for CH-2 [More will be added on later on.]

Part 1
The Seigaku Regular are worried that Ryoma hasn' t been showing up for practice and makes plans to go visit him at his home.

Part 2
Ryoma wakes up in a strange bed. Begins his new day of well whatever it is he can do at a time like this.

Part 3
Roy wakes up in Ryoma's bed with Karupin. He then ends up meeting the Seigaku Regulars, and expanations should be given, when he at first thought they were intruders and try to flambay them.

Part 4
Lt. Hawkeye's problems that are going on and what sort of ordeal she is being put through when Hughes calls her. Also a report that has been given on weird occurences in the Elric Household. Also murder case that has been going on regarding a MIA alchemist.

Part 5
Roy goes to School in Seigaku--Karupin decides to follow. The mishaps that happens in the school and the disruptions that occures because of his presences in the High School.