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Tue, Dec. 9th, 2003, 01:25 am
fujis: Lua vermelha Ch 1 Part 2

Lua vermelha

Ryoma and Nanjirou played tennis like usual against each other. It was nearing midnight about 30 minutes before when a old monk named Kimura-san came to delivery a package to Nanjirou for safe keeping until Shi-san comes back to the temple. When it struck midnight Ryoma was transported from his home to somewhere else.

Sunshine brightened the open Saturday morning. Two figures stood on a makeshift tennis court drawn into the heavy dirt. A net was set up in the drawn box. The zephyr laughed softly while the sun looked down upon the Earth’s children and the playful spirits of Zephyrs that roamed around through the grassy fields dancing and twirling. The spirits created mischief while lingering on the bosom of the wild trees that swayed here and there. The wind spirit brushed pasted while threading her fingers through the locks of greenish black, then swerving around to playfully tug on the sport shirt of red and white that the boy wore.

Yet the golden eyes remained on the taller muscular figure of his father whose matching golden eyes stared back with self-confidence. "Aa Seishounen are you ready to cry?"

Zephry's wind spirit huffed indignantly when the two would not play with her, then she flew away upon the outstretched branches of her brother tree, whom embraced her with love and care. The leaves swayed to and fro, heedless of the fact that things were peaceful when in truth they were just about to just heat up on the make shift courts..

"Oyaji," Ryoma grinded out in irritation, "I'll make you cry." With that, the left hand of wonder boy tightened around the crimson racket to show his dissatisfaction towards his sire. Straightening his grip onto the racket, the young boy slid his hand into the pocket of his black shorts to take out the green-yellow tennis ball. Bouncing it a couple of times, he took the position for a serve then with a large toss upward, he stroked downward with his strength on the ball. His legs quickly slid into a ready position for the return; he knew that his father would throw at him.


The ball continued back and forth between the two as they battled against each other in the game of tennis. Nanjirou of course was tossing the same insults at his son while teasing him, hoping to rile up the chibi..

Ryoma moved quickly, trying to catch and return the balls. No matter how hard Ryoma tried to earn a few points against his old man, he wasn't able to score, let alone, beat his father.

The sun was amused by the match played between the two even though she knew that it was a game that was old as time and pretty soon something was going to happen--something wonderful and perhaps even terrifying.

The sun's companion, the moon, was changing--whether by default or by the alignment of the other nine planets of the solar system. The hour was drawing closer, when a special gate would be thrown open, and things would become more interesting.

At the end of the game Ryoma had trudged inside his house to take a bath. The blue spotted Himalayan kitten named Karupin dutifully followed his master. Even though cats hated water, Karupin didn't exactly wanted to be left behind by his beloved master. "Niao!" Karupin queried, earning questioning looks from the green-haired boy.

Ryoma's body quivered from the soreness of the falls he had taken in order to gain advantage against his old man. The bruises were beginning to form; Ryoma knew that it was only a matter of time before the pain would settle in. "Niao!" Karupin meowed, questioning his master if he was alright.

"Don't worry it isn't serious." Ryoma mumbled softly, then slid out of the bath, reaching for the towel to dry himself off. Slipping into his underwear and pajamas, he picked up his pet and rubbed his fingers over the soft downy fur. A purr was replied to his tender administration; a faint smile curled up on his lips as he felt his heart soften at the noises the feline of his life made.
Walking with Karupin curled up in his arms, Ryoma stepped onto the wooden floor that ascended to his room. With a kick, the door swung open slowly to his haven. Books, video games and sports magazines littered his floor with clothes spewed here and there.

Pausing, Ryoma placed Karupin down onto his bed. Sliding the sheets of his bed down, he was just about to get into them when he heard the doorbell ring. He frowned and glanced at the clock over the head of his bed; it read 11:30pm. Why would someone be ringing the doorbell at this time of night? Getting up, he slid on his slippers and began to descend down the hallway. Karupin, sensing something was going to happen, followed quickly behind his owner.

Rubbing his eyes, Ryoma waltzed into the living room, where his father was standing with a man who was cloaked in a monk's clothing of golden, orange, and brown. It was vaguely odd to find a monk in the middle of their living room let alone seeing his father stare at the other man with faint respect.

Ryoma found this incredibly odd, “Ne Oyaji who is it?”

Nanjirou turned to look at his son with a smirk, “Aa it is just a friend Ryoma, say hello.”

“Konbanwa.” Ryoma nodded his head in greeting; the monk gave him a faint smile and bowed in greetings.

"I apologize for my late visit to your household, Echizen-san." The monk whispered, quietly hoping not to disturb anything more. In his hand he held a wooden box that was about one yard long and one foot wide. The man handed over the parcel to Nanjirou, “I had to deliver this important artifact to you this late, because I won’t be staying in Japan for long. I have to hurry back to the main temple. Shi-san told me that you were dependable and to allow you to take care of the item while he is gone. If I didn’t have to hurry back I would have come tomorrow morning, but an emergency has arisen.”

Nanjirou waved his hands in amusement, "It's alright Kimura-san. It is fine. If you don't mind, I'll check to see that everything is in the box like you said and then seal it up to take to the temple tomorrow and place it with the rest of the items that have been delivered before."

It was rare for Ryoma to see his father behave like an adult. Then again it was even stranger to see his father dish out any respect for anyone.

Kimura bowed in thanks, "Arigato, please take care of the artifact of the past for us." Then with that, he made his way out and headed toward the vehicle that was waiting to take him to the airport, leaving behind the box and the object that rested inside. Shutting the door behind him Nanjirou set the box onto the table. He picked up a hammer that the monk had so graciously provided to him for this ocassion. He had begun to open the cedar box.
Curious, Ryoma sat next to the table, Karupin had started to investigate the straw-like stuffing that Najirou had pulled out. Nanjirou rummaged through the box until he tugged out a staff like scepter. It was shaped on top in a pyramid with glass panels placed on the three sides. Embedded on top of the pyramid was a glassy looking stone. Ryoma eyed the item curiously, "What is that?"

"I don't know, Ryoma." The older Echizen stroked the surface, wondering what sort of metal this was composed of. Setting the staff down carefully, he searched in the box for something. A bell tolled, startling Karupin whom quickly scrambled and bumped into the corner of the table causing the scepter to roll and slid.

Nanjirou yelled out, startled. "Oh no!" He scrambled to try to save the artifact in fear that it would shatter.

Ryoma quickly grabbed onto the staff as the bell tolled, hitting the eleventh ring, then finally the twelfth ring. A click was heard when Ryoma touched the artifact, and just as quickly three metal latches unsnapped on the tip of the triangular opening. A golden light filled the devise and started to pulsate. Then just as quickly, Ryoma felt the walls begin to swirl around him, "Nande?" He cried out, afraid of what was going on and just as quickly, he felt himself falling as the bright light of gold surrounded him, tugging and pulling him away into the pyramid that he held.